The paving slabs are now all laid (hooray!) Now for another time consuming job – I have to grout all the gaps in between. For those of you who have grouted tiles, this is nothing like the same job – the joints are 10mm and the stones are porous, the grout is a lime/sand mixture so you cannot just slap it on and swirl it about until it falls in the holes. It is a painstaking exercise of trouelling the mixture and pushing right down to the bottom of the joints. I have been at it for 4 days and I think that I’ve got another 6 or 8 days to do …. on my knees, bent over double with an icy wind bearing down on me. However, it is looking great. Because of the below zero temperatures at night, I am having to cover it up with polystyrene sheets to protect it each night – roll on the summer