The pool cover is now finished. When I first started to think about a cover for the pool, I thought that I would buy a telescopic cover that opened up by pushing back ever decreasing sizes of roof and walls so that there was an open-air pool to finish. This was probably the most important decision of the whole swimming pool project, because (believe it or not) the cover costs more than the pool itself.

However, when I started to look at these covers there were two options :

on little wheels – which meant that it wasn’t fixed to the ground and could fly away if there was a strong wind, which means that you have to bolt it down to the patio if there is a risk of wind. Well, the weather forecasts in France are about as good as in the UK – so I didn’t want to risk that!

on rails – this seemed like a good idea at first, the rails are discreet – however, each section of the cover is a different size and for the length of cover that I needed (13 metres) I would need 8 sections, which meant 8 rails side-by-side across the patio – not pretty …

The cover that I have opted for has a permanent roof, but the sides open with two windows in each section, this means that you can open one side, or the other, or both – or maybe just two sections if there is a prevailing wind, the closed side can act as a windbreak. Also you can just open a small section at the bottom allowing ventilation.

The ventilation is important – if it is a miserable day, you would keep the cover closed, but the fumes from the chlorified water are quite strong, so it is good to have a through current of air – this is not at all possible with telescopic covers.

The other advantage of the cover that I have, is that the roof is UV treated, so people who want to get a suntan can go and sunbath on the patio, but little ones in the pool are fully protected by the roof – an added advantage for me, because suncreams are a pool maintainers nightmare!