Saturday is the busiest day for the gites, I ask holiday makers to vacate their gite before 10am and the new clients are able to arrive from 4pm onwards. I have five houses (total floor surface of 320m2) with a total of 11 bathrooms to clean. Beds to change for 27 people, welcome packs to provide, washing to do, guests to say goodbye to and new guests to welcome and show around. I do have a lady to help me, but it’s all carried out on a very tight timescale.

I think today was the hardest day in 5 years. Last week I had a family of fifteen people occupying 3 of the gites – they were very nice and had a lovely holiday. They ate together in one of the gites, and consequently crockery, cutlery, glasses and all cooking implements became displaced and muddled. They helped me sort it out – its fairly easy as most of the gites have distinct crockery,etc and also I provide an inventory, so that we could check off what goes where. The children helped me move all the items to the appropriate gites, whilst their parents packed the car.

This week I have another family of 15 occupying 3 gites (but not the same three as last week!) so next week I have to do the same again.

It was also difficult this week as people started to arrive for their holidays at 11am (not 4pm), and although they were happy to just drop off their luggage and disappear for lunch, it all takes time out of a very busy schedule.

Tonight I am waiting for the last family to arrive then a large glass of wine and early to bed!