It has been quiet here for a while, but that does not mean that we haven’t been working. It has taken several days with lots of headscratching and shovelling to get the terrasse ready for concreting.

The problem was that we needed a slope o…n each side of 1cm for each metre to enable the water to run off freely – easily said, but with each of the four sides sloping in different directions and not easy to take levels over such a large area, it took a bit of time.

We have used a system of rails, the top of which represent the finished level of concrete, and we needed to bring in the right level of stones to reach the required depth of 10cm over the area of 154 metres squared.

The concrete arrived in two lorries and it was off loaded and levelled into place by me standing on the top of a long plank and three butch french men pulling the plank to level off the concrete (sorry no photo – lots of balancing required!)

After this the rails were lifted and we filled in their holes and finished with a petrol vibrating concrete ruler to get a smooth finish.

The only thing left for me to do was a four-course meal for 8 people, phew!