No blogging for a while now – I’ve been so busy. To cut a long story short, I had some problems with my pool supplier and so had to go and find someone else who could finish the job for me. We had to redo the concrete bottom of the pool, as it had been badly affected by the frosts in the winter – this was done with a self leveling solution or ragreage.

Following this I needed to lay a felt underlay before the liner could be laid – a complicated task because of the rounded form of the bottom – there cannot be any overlapping pieces, or any folds – lots of cuts and gussets!

The slots for hooking the liner into at the top of the walls have been protected up until now by a plastic strip – this needed to be removed before the liner was fitted

Today the liner started to go in – the first step was to solder a small strip along the top of the wall sections in order to slot it into the slots shown above.
After this the liner started to go in.