Dinan Port

Dinan has a river port on the Rance River running inland from St Malo

the port has many restaurants along the quayside, together with a fantastic boulangerie where you can buy the local Kouign-amann (a sticky breton bun, that they once made as the technical challenge on the Bake-off!)

You can hire little motor boats for a river trip or go on an excursion on the Jaman V boat whose commentary explains a little history of the area and finishes off with accordian playing.

The Rue du Jerzual is a pedestrianised cobbled street which takes you up the hill into the town.

Thank you to my good friend Pete Tachauer for the beautiful photos of the port https://www.flickr.com/photos/pete_tachauer/

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Galette des Rois

Eating a galette des rois is a French tradition which lasts all of the month of January

You can buy Galettes des rois at the boulangerie or at the supermarket, but it is really easy and to make yourself.  Two discs of puff pastry with a rich frangipane filling (or stewed apple if you’re feeling that’s too buttery!) and don’t forget to hide the Feve inside.  When cutting the galette, the youngest must sit under the table to say who has which piece and the person who has the Feve (or favour – a porcelaine figurine) in his piece gets to wear the crown.

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